information[英][ˌɪnfəˈmeiʃən] [美][ˌɪnfɚˈmeʃən],数据;通知;消息;知识

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英语单词基本意义 Information n. 信息 [不可数名词.] [ ˌinfə'meiʃən ] 计算机系统的主要功能是将未经过处理的... 2010-12-23

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the numeral system most commonly used for encoding computer information. ... See also: History of the word and concept "information" The English word... 2013-1-31 - 百度快照


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Informatics majors have a passion for making a difference through information and technology. They design, build, manage and secure systems to meet the ... 2013-1-24 - 百度快照

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For additional information, contact University Affairs at 573-882-4523 or may browse and print data from and ... 2013-1-24 - 百度快照 - Information for librarians

We hope this site provides all the information you need about AIP and Member Society publications - plus a complete listing of AIP news, products, and ... 2013-1-31 - 百度快照


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